Zen Chess: Blindfold Masters

About Zen Chess: Blindfold Masters

For decades, professional chess players have been mesmerizing the world with their ability of playing chess blindfolded. In Zen Chess: Blindfold Masters you will be able to experience being one of them, by solving chess puzzles without seeing the pieces.

  • Simple to play: memorize the board presented to you in each level, hit ‘play’ to make the pieces invisible, and make your moves in the board;
  • Enjoy a minimalist, beautifully designed chess board and pieces;
  • Solve 150 chess puzzles, varying from Mate-in-One to Mate in-Four problems;
  • Simulate the incredible experience of playing chess blindfolded in a minimalist and meditative game experience.

Can you memorize each board and find the moves that solve the puzzle when the pieces are no longer visible?

Give it a try and show yourself your abilities go well beyond you have imagined.

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